Full composition

Daily dose (2 capsules) contains:

Ingredients Dose %NRV*
Clock® 500 mg
of which: Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) 250 mg
Hemerocallis Fulva (Red lily) 250 mg
Humulus lupulus L. (hops cone extract) 60 mg
Other ingredients:
hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsules), corn maltodextrin.
  • * %NRV Nutrient Reference Value (NRV)

Good Sleep

60 capsules, take 2 in the evening

Full composition

A plant-based dietary supplement with ingredients that support healthy sleep and the body’s regeneration abilities. A blend of plant extracts that relax and stimulate your body to produce natural melatonin. Sleep comes naturally and is deep and nourishing.

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A quiet and relaxing evening
Deep, nourishing sleep
A morning full of energy
Sleep that awakens your potential

Plant ingredients

The unique extracts in Good Sleep from Plants support the natural sleep mechanisms in your body. Unlike many substances, they do not cause sleepiness or drowsiness during the day and are not addictive. It is the pure power of plants that supports your body's natural potential.

Tawny daylily
Hop cone extract
Full composition
  • Gluten free
  • Premium ingredients
  • Natural extracts
  • Plant composition
The power of plants for a good day

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